Climbing Lessons

North Wall offers a variety of options for more in-depth training that can help you progress toward your climbing goals.

Belaying 101

Belaying 101 is structured to teach new or novice climbers safe and proper belaying techniques for indoor and outdoor climbing. Participants will learn how to properly wear and inspect a harness, how to tie figure 8 and safety knots, rope checks, brake and feeding hand positions, and more!

  • Age Requirement: 13+ years old ​
  • Climbing Skill Requirements: None ​
  • Cost: $50 | $25 for second climber (free for EFT members)

No regular class schedule at this time

Email to book.

Private Instruction

North Wall staff members are qualified to instruct climbers on ways to break through plateaus and guide climbers forward to achieve individual climbing or fitness goals. Whether you are looking to just get started or to reach the next climbing grade, our climbing instructors can help you make your vision a reality!

Each class is one hour long.

  • Age Requirement: None
  • Climbing Skill Requirements: None
  • Cost: $55 per class | $25 for second climber
    (If you book 3 classes at once, you'll get the 4th free!)

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