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3,500 ft² of gym set up in 3 main area’s.

- Bouldering room (1,300 ft²)
- Auto-belay/Tope-rope Room (600ft²)
- Workout + Training Facility (1,600ft²)


The Details

Bouldering Room

The bouldering area has over 200 routes ranging from V0 through V10(There are certainly harder things in the gym as well they are just not graded) Providing a fun, and challenging experience to all of our climbers.

We reset one section of the walls every week to keep the climbing experience fresh for those who climb often.

Our routes are graded by climbers with years of climbing experience both indoors, and outdoors. We set our standards to what they’ve encountered outside.

Day Passes

Day passes are a great way to get started!  Anyone can get a day pass and try climbing, you do not need any experience or pre-requisites to come try climbing

A day pass with cover you admission to the whole gym for 90 minutes.

Auto-Belay / Tope-Rope Room

Using state of the art auto-belay systems, this room provides higher climbing walls for those who wish to have the certainty that IF they fall, they will get a nice soft catch and slow decent to the ground. 

We have 30 routes ranging from V0 through V2 in this section.

Pro Shop

We sell a wide variety of climbing shoes, harnesses, chalk bags, chalk, and other climbing essentials. We also sell Gift Cards (either Online, or at in person at our shop)

Other Amenities

1-inch + 2-inch Slackline Rigs, Campus Board + Systems Board, Yoga Mats + Blocks, Youth Activities + Birthday Parties, Climbing Classes + Personal Training, Free Wifi