Aerial Silks

Aerial silks are a long fabric apparatus with two tails that allow you to climb and wrap yourself into a wide variety of poses. Aerial silks are an engaging and effective workout that not only build your flexibility and strength but also your awareness and connection to your body. Grow your confidence as your skills increase. It is both challenging and fun way to move.

All participants for aerial silks must have a completed facility waiver and silks waiver in order to participate.

Silks Waiver
We offer a variety of classes to fit most any student. For more details click the Classes & Programs button!
  • Adult Silks Lvl 1 & 2, 8-week program (18+)
    • Mondays 6:30-8 PM. June 17th - Aug 5th
  • Teen Silks Program, 8-week program (12-17)
    • Wednesday's 7-8 PM. June 19th - Aug 14th *No class 7/3
  • Kids Silks Program, 8-week program (7-12)
    • Wednesday's 5:30-6:30PM. June 19th - Aug 14th *No class 7/3
    • Drop in's accepted. $30 per child per class, no registration required, pay day of.
  • Beginners FUNdementals Classes (12+)
    • Monday's 5-5:45PM. June 17th - Aug 5th
    • A silks program for adults and teens ready to start building skills from the ground up. Join for the entire session or drop-in rates available.
  • Events/Workshops
    • Intermident events and workshops are held. Please check our registration link or email for more details.

OPEN SILKS available to adult participants enrolled in silks. These are irregular at the availability of the instructor. 

Private classes are available - starting at $70/hour, please email

**Schedule subject to change due to holidays, inclement weather, and other events. We highly recommend registering for classes to ensure you are notified of any cancellations.

Classes & Programs

Instructor Bio:

Hello! My name is Carissa, I am the silks instructor here at North Wall rock climbing. I have been teaching silks for 2 years. I also have a background in teaching and performing hula hoops and fire acts for town events, music festivals, and private events. When my family and I can we love to load up the kayaks and explore rivers near us. We are also huge fans of live music. When we aren't out and about I enjoy watching a movie or diving into a craft/art project.